Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ken Dodds Dogs Dads Dead

Wednesday 15th September

MP3 track of the day: Lose yourself - Eminem

Weather: a lot cooler as it's a lot more cloudy today.

Getting up at 6:30am I got ready to go snorkeling before the sun got to it's full power. I was planning to snorkel after breakfast (around 8:00am / 8:30am) but when I looked on the activity board I noticed that at 11:00am there was a free instructor and group snorkeling activity, so I decided to wait for that.

As I was up super early I decided to get my New Zealand guidebook, find a palm tree, and do a bit of reading about my next location. Once it got to 11:00am I joined the group (mainly women … brilliant) of guests and the activity coordinator.

I was a little nervous at the beginning it has to be said, but I think we all were. However after the first look at the coral and the fish I was loving it. I saw all types of coral including brain coral and fish including Double-saddle butterflyfish and Blue surgeonfish. It was amazing to see all these small tropical fish (that I had only seen at aquariums before) bobbing about inside the coral and if an American had been there, I would have let him call this experience awesome. I remember hovering in water above this one coral where loads of Blue Surgeonfish were darting in and out of it, there were loads and they seem to light up in the water... I could have watched it for hours.

The snorkeling has to be up there with my walk on a glacier in Canada, my boat trip down the inlet waters of Alaska and the Kenai Fjords oh and Jasper National Park … simply brilliant. Now when I was in Vancouver I went to their aquarium which I wasn't that fussed about at the time, however now I'm glad I did go as it allowed me to be able to spot, and recognize, some types of fish here.

The weather was good for snorkeling; I was conscious of getting sun burnt but luckily it's a little cloudy today (and a lot cooler … which is nice) and so that didn't happen. The only sight problem was that there was quite a strong current pushing you inland, and keeping you away from the coral. It took quite an effort to keep within the area where most of the fish were.

After an hour we all headed back to shore, where I had a shower, got changed and had lunch.

In the evening I met up with Hayley, Chris, Jon-Paul, Curtis, Becki and Simon and we had tea together; I had the beef curry which was nice enough. After this the resort put on a pub quiz in which we became a team. We also already knew most of the answers and the questions before they were said, this is mainly due to the resort never changing their pub quiz questions because most people only stay here a week and are therefore only around for one pub quiz (however we have someone on our team who had been here two weeks already). The next decision was our team name, in which Jon-Paul came up with ' Ken Dodds Dogs Dads Dead' as a tongue twister. Now I had trouble saying it myself, but imagine a Fijian trying to pronounce it … it was very funny. Anyway so we came joint first with two other teams; for the tie break people had to vote for the best team name. We all thought we had it in the bag, however 'team 12' won the vote (how I don't know) and so they got a jug of what came only be described as alcoholic screen wash (never mind eh).

After this the party died away and at midnight I retired to sleep. A good day was had today, tomorrow should be a lot slower pace.

Toodle Pip

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