Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mango Bay Day Two

Tuesday 14th September 2010

MP3 track of the day: Gangsters Paradice - Coolio

Weather: Hot (what a shocker)

Waking up at the early time of 6am I decided to put into action 'Matt's way of dealing with the heat'. I got ready, had breakfast and headed for the local bus stop. Once on the bus I met the security guard from the resort who was taking his youngest daughter to the local hospital as she wasn't well. I wished him all the best as he got off the bus and I continued to town.

Once in Sigatoka I had twenty minutes before the Pacific Bus would take me back to the resort. I then quickly went to the bank and withdrew some cash (and my card wasn't declined due to being in a foreign country … few) and got some water and some snacks.

This being Fiji, this had taken me until 11:30am and so I was back at the bus stand, near my resort, awaiting for a lift back to the resort. After 30 minutes a lift still hadn't arrived (I had arrived 10 minutes later than I said I would so I can't complain too much) and so I walked the 10 minute walk to the resort.

Once back I was really hot again and so I had a shower. It was now midday and so I decided to have a snooze until, I thought around 3:30pm / 4:30pm.

I had overslept and at 6:00pm the sun set (I did manage to see it go down though, as I raced to the beach). I still struggle with the way the sun just disappears … no warnings just a blink of an eye and it's gone. After this I got invited out by a new group of British friends that I've met whilst I've been staying here; Chris, John-Paul, Simon and Curtis, Becki and Hayley. Most people had the Tuna (yuk) but I had been told that the chicken was good … and it was.

After this the hotel was running a table tennis tournament and so I joined in (but ended up playing Simon who was quite good and he made it into the final round). A good night was had by all and after this, with it being pitch black, I retired to bed.

I herd on the news that, apparently frogs are on the decline, but here in Mango Bay they are everywhere and I had to be careful not to step on one as I went back to my dorm.

Tomorrow Snorkeling

Toodle Pip!

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