Friday, 17 September 2010

Lazy Day

Thursday 16th September 2010

MP3 track of the day: twenty-four hours - Athlete

Weather: similar to yesterday, hot but with a nice cool breeze.

I didn't have a very good night at all, mainly because I felt a bit ill. I'm not sure if it was the beef curry or not, all I know is that my stomach hurt. Once up, washed and had breakfast I was back to my old self again.

This was my final day on the Coral Coast. I was glad that this was my last day; the Coral Coast has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth but I had ran out of things to do. Something I can never get bored of (see my flickr account) is the view from the resort. Therefore I decided to get a little sun (as I had taken a little ribbing for my 'albino legs') and try to get a bit browner. The weather was so hot that I decided to sit under a palm tree and just put my legs into the sun; after 30 minutes John-Paul, Curtis and Chris were out in the sun and I joined them for another 30 minutes.

Around 12:00pm I was pretty tied due to not having a great nights sleep the previous night and so I decided to come back to my dorm, pack for tomorrow, have lunch and settle down for a short kip before getting back out around 5:00pm (I'm so old).

At 5:00pm I found Chris and we had both been invited to Curtis' and Jon-Paul's room for a few drinks before heading to the restaurant for tea. For tea I decided to go for the catch of the day (which seemed a popular choice on our table); I have no idea which fish it was but it tasted good.

The activity put on by the resort tonight was a film; we weren't really that bothered about the film and so we played table tennis. Previously I had lost to Simon at the table tennis tournament due to not having that much practice. Two days on I'd had a couple of days practice and now I was on fire and I beat both Curtis and Simon (the game against Simon was particularly good, a very close game).

After this we headed back to the bar for a couple of drinks. While there the security guard I'd met when I first arrived at Mango Bay (and on the way to Sigatoka) came up to me for a chat. He said that he wanted to show me his village, where he and his family lived. I was totally gutted as that would have been so cool; but I was off to Suva the day after and I had already booked accommodation there (plus time was ticking on and I had already spent four nights at Mango Bay and there is still loads of Fiji to see). As he kept talking it all sounded great; seeing his family, the leader of the village, the school and then go to a kava ceremony … more kava, ummm lovely (actually on one hand I was a little glad to not be able to make it to the village as kava uses water and I bet it isn't bottled so I don't know if my stomach could have coped). I said to him that I will return at the end of my trip.

After this I decided to go to sleep early as I had to be up early tomorrow morning; I said goodbye to Simon and Becki, Chris, Curtis and Jon-Paul (who hopefully I'll see again in Wellington).

Tomorrow Suva

Toodle Pip!

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