Thursday, 8 July 2010

Trek America – Day eleven

MP3 track of the day – even more hillbilly music

Weather – sunny morning followed by a wet afternoon

So most of the guys got up early to go kayaking whereas I got to sleep in and get ready for the day lazily. I started with a walk along the top of the ridge (above the luxury wilderness camp) which was okay … not too many viewing places to look down into the bay but a good walk altogether before coming back for lunch. After this Constantine and I played a little basketball whilst we waited for the rest of the group to come back from kayaking.

Once the group came back we packed up and headed back to the beach to get our water taxi back to Homer. Once back at Homer harbor I was yet again left carrying the beer cooler (which was considerably lighter than yesterday) as everyone else had disappeared and left Sandra and I to it (Yet again I thought of throwing it into the sea as I didn't drink anything in there). Once back in Homer we set up the tents, then I proceeded to have a wander around the town. We were actually located at Homer Spit, Homer itself is located a couple of miles away; the spit was nice but small, and so it didn't take long for me to be back to the campsite. Once back there was a huge crowd gathered at one point of the beach; I went over and there was this American Bald Eagle, about 3 meters away, just eating a fish he had just caught. We were all taking photos and the bird didn't seem to mind at all … it was quite a bonus to get up so close to this animal.

It was my groups turn to cook again (not sure how that happened, as there are four groups, and we cooked four nights ago but last night no one needed to cook as we were at the wilderness camp … go figure) and we decided to make kebabs with pieces of chicken (which I cut up, very slowly), pepper, onion and pineapple on a stick and then put onto a BBQ. We had loads of food to eat and we were all stuffed before some of us headed to the 'Salty Dawg'.

The 'Salty Dawg' is a pub located within the Homer Spit that looks like an old wooden hut with a light house attached to it. Yet again the pub owners had decided to forgo wallpaper and instead use dollar bills to decorate the place out. This pub was amazing, it has so much character and I loved being in there. The only problem was the coke drink, which came in the smallest glass known to man and with the equivalent ice cube mass of a small iceberg; I did get free refills and so I had three.

Eddie, Constantine, Marney, Heather, Jonathan, the Swed and I all stayed at the pub pretty late. It was a great night and we all let our hair down. I have to admit that the Americans do know how to party; they don't seem to get stupidly drunk like the British and yet seem to have a better time.

We got back to the campsite around 1:30am. As I didn't fancy going Halibut fishing or horse riding in the morning I will get a good lye in … bliss.

Toodle Pip

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