Thursday, 8 July 2010

Trek America – Day ten

MP3 track of the day – Even more Hillbilly music (starting to get on my nerves now)

Weather – Good, not much rain and pretty sunny

Today we packed up our tents at Seward and took the short van ride down to Homer … however tonight we wouldn't be camping in Homer, no sir. Instead we took with us what we needed for one night and headed to the harbor to board a water taxi. Getting down to the water taxi was a bit of a mission; the ramp was steep and most of the group had gone down the ramp and left Jonathan and I to take the beer cooler down (I don't even drink beer … it was quite heavy and hard to carry whilst gripping onto the rail for dear life).

The water taxi was 40 minutes long and I sat outside, getting a little wet but reducing any possibility of sea sickness (which didn't happen). Tonight we were heading to Jackdog bay to stay in a luxury wilderness camp. The place was pretty cool; we had big tents to stay in with a house to chill and eat dinner in, plus a basketball hoop and a beautiful beach. I wouldn't go as far as calling it 'luxury'; the toilets were outhouses that stank (one out house had two seats … why I don't know). The owners were really nice and friendly … couldn't do enough for you, however they had these mamma kins in the garden which scared the hell out of me.

That night we had tea and it was Marney's birthday; Eddie had called ahead and the owners of the place had baked a cake (which was really good) which added a nice touch to the day.

That night was spent on the beach, sitting next to a fire, talking and looking into the sunset. It would have been bliss if it wasn't for 'look at me, I want to be center off attention' Nicky who had got drunk and was really portraying a terrible picture of the British (I did apologise to Eddie). I almost asked her if she would be so kind as to run up the small hill over there and throw herself into the sea … bottled it though.

Heather and Marney had a good idea though; the lads kept Eddie talking whilst the girls borrowed a Mamma kin and put it in Eddies tent … the aim was to scare him to death (it would me) and we would find out in the morning.

We all had a late night but it really didn't matter … I wasn't going kayaking tomorrow and so I could have a lye in.

Toodle Pip!

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