Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lazy Days

MP3 track of the day - The Fear - Lilly Allen

Weather - really hot, boiling hot

Getting up at 3:00am (remember the clocks have gone forward due to moving to a new time zone, so Alaskan time it is actually 2:00am ) I got up and ready for my ship (Taku) to dock at Port Rupert. I went to the observation deck and saw the ship glide through the nights water. The captain of the ship really had to know what he was doing; in the blackness all he had to navigate with was the outline of the islands and 'red' and 'green' flashing lights. It was really beautiful and I was gutted that my ferry journey was coming to an end ...

... until I saw the hot Canadian chick at immigration. The lady was really friendly and welcomed me into her country like it was my own; I thought about trying to get her number but thought better of it. It was 5am when I sat down in the waiting room and my life wasn't coming until 8am ... still, three hours of blog updates wouldn't go a miss and so I got down to it.

At 8am the lady (Christy) from the hostel came to pick me up free of charge (nice that) and I then proceeded to wait in there lounge from 8:30am until 1:30pm when the bed would be ready and I could put my stuff in the lockers.

After this I was starving and so I headed out into town for some lunch (I hadn't eaten all day) before going to the post office to post some stuff home and then finally popping into Safeway to purchase tea. The town of Prince Rupert is lovely; it's small and compact and ooozing character ... I was looking forward to tomorrow when I could really do some sightseeing.

After this I headed back to the hostel, talked to a Kiwi lady and then went for a nice long shower ... bliss. Tonight I'm going to have tea early (pizza) and then head for an early night: a) because I've been up since 3am and c) to try to make the most of tomorrow.

Toodle Pip blogger fans!

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