Thursday, 8 July 2010

All updated

Okay just a quick note to say that the blog is all updated. Yes indeedly 34 hours on a boat sure helped get it up to date; the only problem is that the posts are not in the correct order (useful that) and so I've created the below links to help you...

6th July - Day I left Juneau
7th July - Onboard the ship
Trek America tour


  1. Yes, the order confused me at first but got the hang of it! Sounds like the trek was quite an experience (in many different ways...)

  2. Yeah they have come up in the order I first created the posts in 'draft' mode and not the order I published them. I did try to find out if there was a way of moving the order of my posts in the dashboard console but I couldn't work out how ... do you know?