Friday, 9 July 2010

Prince Rupert ... nice, but not allot going on

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Weather: Humid, cloudy and spitting with rain

I got up around 9:30am after having around 14 hours sleep (not completely interrupted; a car alarm and my room mate messing with his ring tone at 2am did wake me up, but not for long). I got ready and headed out; my first port of call was to photograph the town and head to Safeway for a bottle of water. This didn't take that long and soon I was at the cashier at Safeway; the guy asked if I had a Safeway card (like a points card except instead of points you got a discount on certain items in store) and if not would I like one. Once I found out that they were free I signed up straight away as this would save me money on future shops (wish I had done it when I first arrived in Canada ... doh!).

I then headed slightly out of town and went along a hiking path marked on my map; the walk was good (through a forest next to a river) put pretty short and soon I was back into town.

Being around 1pm I headed back to Safeway, bought lunch using my new flashy Safeway 'club member' card, and headed back to the hostel to cook it (pinani ... yum) before heading back out for another walk at the other end of town.

Again the walk was nice but short and soon I was back in town at around 3pm with not much to do. This seems to be a recurrence with these port towns along the west coast of North America ... they are all pretty, but there is not allot going on.

I'm back at the hostel now; the BC Ferry has confirmed me the wrong trip three times, oh and added a seat reservation (so I had to phone them up and change it ... they have the worst online booking form known to man and they better not have charged me three times!). The rest of the day shall be spent chilling before, yet again, heading to Safeway to get something for tea and tomorrow on the ferry.

Tomorrow I will probably not have internet connection (and I'm not sure if my next hostel has it either) so it maybe a little while before I'm back on.

Toodle Pip!

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