Sunday, 4 October 2009

I finished where I started

MP3 track of the day - Killers - show you how

So I woke up at 8:00ish again not feeling particularly well and got ready to go out ... again I only managed a small bowl of cornflakes and a piece of bread (Europeans the masters of food ... I don't think so, not if their breakfasts are anything to go by).

I then headed to the train station and went to Waterloo. Funnily enough I new my way to Wellington's Headquarters (I'd actually just missed him) and then I had to wait for the bus ... oh yes the buses in Waterloo, I had forgotten about them. One bus every 2 hours (I still can't believe it, as it's a huge tourist attraction). Anyway luckily for me there bus was due in about 30 mins so I waited and got on.

I arrived at Napoleon's Headquarters and had a look around; it didn't take as long as either the battlefield or Wellington's HQ (I realised then I probably could of done Waterloo within a day) but it was worth it and it was really interesting. When I finished I looked at the bus timetable, I had a hour and 20 mins to wait ... oh joy. So decided I'd do the same as when I visited Wellington's HQ ... I'd walk to the battlefield, probably taking the same route as the French themselves. I was really glad I did as a) history kind of came alive with the walk and b) there are quite a few monuments on the road you wouldn't see otherwise ... also lucky I managed to see the only farmhouse I didn't properly see on the first trip (Ferme la Haie Sainte).

When I got to the bus stop I only had to wait 20 mins for the bus and then I was back in central Waterloo. I decided not to stay and so, after a bottle of orange and a twix (which was a mission to eat) I got back on the train and back to Brussels.

Back in Brussels I walked around and around taking a few pics before coming back to my hostel, to get rid of my bag, and then go out again. Brussels is a weird place; I'm pretty good at navigating my way around cities but Brussels is strange ... even today I found passage ways that I hadn't found before, even though they were only 10 feet from where I was previously ... it's not very clean and a bit 'all over the place' but the cartoon art on the buildings (which I have a couple of photos ... will upload them when I'm home) is a pleasant change. I haven't decided whether I like Brussels or not.

Anyway I didn't really feel hungry and so I went to McDonald's and had a chicken nugget meal (which I struggled to finish ... it took 30 mins! What is wrong with me?) and then I came back to the hostel.

I'm off to bed now and I don't think I'll have time to post tomorrow, however stay turned ... when I'm home (Tuesday) I'll write my conclusion to my trip which I have been thinking about already.

Tomorrow I have to check out and see if I can leave my luggage here (if not I'll have to find a locker at the station) then I plan to have a very slow day involving buying a British newspaper (so I can read the F1 result) and siting in a cafe ... oh I need to get some presents as well.

Toodle Pip!

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