Monday, 17 August 2009

Inter rail ticket

The final piece in the Euro trip jigsaw ... I've purchased my Inter rail ticket.

I've purchase a 22 day rail pass which gives me free travel, on most trains, in 22 countries (bar my home country) within Europe. As I plan to be doing allot of travelling in Europe I think at £294.00 this is a bargain. Not only that but it gives me total flexibility, so for example:

Say that I decided not to stick to my plan and instead of visiting Germany I travelled south through France and then through Switzerland and into Austria. I can do this as I don't have to specify where I am going at the time of purchase ... super!


I meet Angelia Jolie in a Youth Hostel in Romania ... get chatting and we decided to go to Italy (as a travel buddies you understand) together ... no problem!

Total flexibility and no hassle.

So that's...

Travel to Europe purchased.
Travel around Europe purchased.
First two nights accommodation booked.
Vaccinations paid for.
YHA membership got.
International SIM card purchased.

Right lets go!

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