Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Accommodation and SIM Card

Well I've booked my first two nights at a Youth Hostel in Belgium.
For my first two nights I was going to find a cheap hotel, however with the cost being around £80.00 for the two nights I decided to book a bed in the Youth Hostel dorm for just under £40.00 (got to remember I'm on a budget).
Being in a dorm will be a new experience (which I've talked about in a post or two earlier) and I'm looking forward to it ... Brussels here I come!

I've also purchased a SIM card from the Hosteling International Association; it's one that works in 130 countries world wide (every country I'm planning on visiting apart from Laos) which means I don't have to keep buying SIM cards for each country and it's a 'Pay as You Go' ... so no contracts.

As for cost of calls, well from Europe to the UK it's around £0.18 per minute with no connection cost and listening to my voice mails is free!
So with all those benefits I jumped at the chance (quickly ... possibly too quickly as usual) and bought one. Now all I need to do is get my phone unlocked.

A link to the SIM card web page is here: and I'll add this link to my 'links post'.

Until next time

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