Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Wednesday 2nd January 2011

MP3 track of the day: The One I Love - David Grey

Weather: Hoooot

Before going to bed last night I had a shower and I felt fantastic. I put my head on my pillow and, for the first time today, I lay down without feeling ill.


I have to be honest, my nights sleep was intermittent. However once up I felt much better than yesterday. Due to this I reckon I must have had a twenty-four hour bug … however I wasn't going to risk it by eating early. I got up at 9am and slowly got ready before taking my computer into the common room. Whilst doing my normal 'internet stuff' I also, finally, managed to book my Shanghai accommodation for the Chinese GP. The accommodation is out of town, however it's close to the train station (which is how I think I shall be entering Shanghai), it has a metro line into the center within five minutes walking distance and – most importantly – it has another metro line to the GP. It only takes forty minutes to get there too! With that booked I also booked a hostel within Siem Reap – for next week – as I will be arriving there late. I was on a roll and with all my internet stuff done I headed out into town for a quick walk.

Getting a bit of fresh air did me the power of good and I was enjoying walking around. On my walk I met Joe and Rachael having breakfast; I pulled up a chair and purchased another large bottle of water. When their food came I wasn't that bothered about not ordering something myself; sure, as I haven't eaten for twenty-four hours, I was a little hungry but it wasn't too bad. After their breakfast we headed out to the local tourist information office to find out about buses to Champasak. We were told that the bus would be 50,000 kip (£4) however we would have to pay for a tuk-tuk to the southern bus station (because, yet again, the bus station isn't within walking distance). We came back to our hostel to find out that they did a mini-van, from our hostel, directly to Champasak for 55,000 kip. It seemed logical to take the mini-bus to Champasak as it's more convenient and probably cheaper due to the price of a tuk-tuk on top of the bus cost. I feel fine to travel and it's time to move on … therefore we all purchased our mini-bus tickets.

The day was boiling hot; Joe, Rachael and I decided just to chill at the hostel. An Israeli girl joined us and we played cards throughout of the day. Now I can't remember the exact time however, for some reason, everything I looked at turned into food … all at once. The other players were talking to me however their heads had turned into 'burgers'; the cards I was holding were 'Mars Bars' and the fish in the tank in front of me became swimming 'Kit-Kats' … I was hungry. I persisted, even when the others were eating, I held my ground. Tomorrow wasn't that long away. Others joined us and we played a few more card games until the group became so big that there weren't enough cards to go around. It was then time for Joe and Rachael to head for tea and so I came in and … surprise, surprise, went on the internet. I wasn't on the internet for long when three people – who had already eaten earlier – came in and played cards. I joined them in a game or two before heading for an early night. Tomorrow I need to be up for my 8:00am for my mini-van to Champasak.

Tomorrow bread, the day after EVERYTHING!

Toodle Pip!

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