Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Feeling rough

Tuesday 1st February 2011 – (White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits … Fat lot of good that did!)

MP3 track of the day: The worst Hangover Ever - Offspring

Weather: no idea, didn't really go out today

Well I suppose it had to happen at sometime; I had been traveling for eight months and I hadn't really gotten ill … until now. In the words o Harrison Ford "...I feel terrible...". Now, not to go into any great detail, I think that I either have a stomach bug, or food poisoning from the Indian meal I ate yesterday. It was 6:15am when I awoke with the sensation of someone punching my stomach repeatedly, and it hasn't stopped all day. Apart from this I've got a temperature and I have been sick a couple of times. On the plus side I haven't spent a lot today and I am in a city with a clinic if needed, though this is Laos and they don't have the best medical record in the world.

I tried to go to sleep, however lying down made me feel even worse and so I sat up in bed. I felt better but it wasn't really comfortable; I took some 'Milk of Magnesia' however that didn't work either. At that point a Canadian girl came into the dorm, who was lovely; we chatted for a while and she had an impressive bust … I immediately felt better, for a little while at least. Soon I felt terrible again, my stomach still felt like someone was using it as a punch bag and I decided to lie on a sofa closer to the toilets.

I had been there most of the day with employees walking past me continually. Time dragged and it was only three o'clock when a lady from the hostel gently stroked my shoulder to wake me up. I found myself surrounded by four of the employees with one asking what was wrong in English. I explained my symptoms to him and he translated it to the others; in a flash the lady was back with a cup of boiling water and four tablets. Now these tablets slightly alarmed me; I asked what they were but the closest description was that they were made from a 'root' of a plant to help with diarrhea. I didn't really have a choice, with four smiling Laos faces looking at me, so I took the tablets. They gave me a bottle of them and said that if I still have problems take four tomorrow morning, and then another four in the evening.

I spent the rest of the day lying around feeling sorry for myself; I wished I was back at home, in my lovely bed, with my huge DvD collection, however that was not possible. I didn't have any tea tonight, as I couldn't face food; tomorrow I will probably stay in and just drink water … see if I can kill this thing. So in one way I'm luckily to be ill at the moment as I have bags of time to get well (nine days if I need, which will hopefully be enough). On the other handBugger!

Toodle Pip!

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