Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Megga Mount Cook

Wednesday 27th October 2010

MP3 track of the day: Concerning Hobbits- Lord of the Rings

Weather: Beautiful and sunny, eventually turning cloudy in the late afternoon, but still amazingly beautiful.

Something strange happened last night; I was in the common room, on the internet, pretty happy with myself to see that, by 10:00pm, I was completely finished with my computer. I logged off, closed the screen and looked around ... no one, not even a tumble weed crossedin front of me ... the hostel was dead. I got up and had a look around; the only other person who was up was in the kitchen area on his PC; he was only half up as it looked like he was falling asleep.

I went back to my dorm to see everyone in there own beds reading ... it's 10pm! More importantly everyone was reading, no one was talking to one another. It's been like this at other hostels too, communication is not only difficult with the locals, but sometimes with the people who travel around New Zealand as well. I put my stuff away and hit the sack.

7am every ones alarm went off. That is, everyone except mine; I hadn't set an alarm as I decided that I would sleep in until at least 8:00am. I turned over and went back to sleep; 8:40am came and, having over slept, got ready and headed out for a walk around 9:40am.

My first port of call was the tourist office to check the latest weather reports; all was good until this evening when rain should set in ... no problem. I then headed out towards the 'Hooker trail'. This trail was supposed to be the best trail within the Mount Cook area, leading you right to the hooker glacier, near mount Cook. It was a lovely walk where I past a monument erected for all those that had lost their lives trying to conqueror Mount Cook.

The walk was pretty level and an easy one, a few places I had to climb upwards but not often. The only real issue was the heat from the sun and trying not to get sun burnt (a nice problem to have for someone who lives in the UK and I'm nearly in the month of November). Along the walk I took many photographs and had to cross two swing bridges, which were already swinging due to the strong breeze blowing. Before the second bridge there was a short scramble along the side of a mountain where a notice said "... risk of avalanche, no stopping..." which was a little disconcerting.

I made my way along the path sharing a 'good morning' to people that I met (which most replied to). Just before reaching the end of the walk I could see, in the distance, ice shapes on the water and so I hurried my pace.

I reached a small area where others were sitting down and having something to eat. In front of me was a glacier fed lake with those ice shapes, I'd seen earlier, sitting motionless on the water.It was a pleasant view of the lake and the surrounding mountain ranges, with Mount Cook, to our left. I joined the rest of the people there and had some of the snacks that I had brought with me before putting my camera on it's tri-pod and letting it rip.

After sometime I had finished photographing the area; the path ended here, however you could make your own way, at your own risk, further towards the glacier. I looked around and no one was willing to take that chance, partially due to the growing strength of the winds around us. I had a quick look at the 'path' a head and decided too that it was a good idea to head for the hostel from here, and so I marched back, only stopping for the occasional photograph.

Due to the fact I hadn't gone all the way to the bottom of the glacier I had arrived back at the hostel early, in fact it was 3pm. I hate this time, to early to be inside but to late to start a walk. I had a late lunch and then I decided to proceed to the tourist office again to have a look around at the displays for an hour or so.

So I'm back at the hostel and I haven't got a clue what to do tonight, food yes but apart from that I might just put on a DVD from there tiny list. They only have fifteen films but, unsurprisingly, they have all three Lord of the Rings films. Its incredibly beautiful here and I would say it's a must or any tourist to visit; two days has been enough and I look forward to getting to Lake Tekapo tomorrow ... but I leave here at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, what am I going to do until then?

Toodle Pip!

P.S. I've got some Chinese old bloke to the right of me, constantly burping in the dinning area whilst he drinks his beer. It may not be rude in your own country, but it certainly is here pal!

P.P.S Actually he may not be burping at all ... it might be just the sound of him talking to his Chinese mate. Actually, as I over hear more of their conversation, it's sounds like they are using the same language as 'Jabba the hut' from Star Wars ... I'm being serious, there aliens I tell you!

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