Thursday, 23 September 2010

Back in Nadi

MP3 track of the day: Before I Fall to Pieces - Razorlight

Weather: much cooler that the previous days; lots of clouds in the sky

Funnily enough I was up early again and so I got ready and left Lautoka for Nadi at around 7:30am. I caught the local bus which seem to stop every 35 yards, however this didn't matter. I got to my hostel, Smugglers Cove (I decided to try a different hostel in Nadi this time) around 9am and so I was allowed to have the free breakfast today as well (bonus!).

Once here I decanted my stuff, had something to eat and then booked my island hopping trip for Saturday … 'A lazy threesome' the package was called. Six days and five nights going right to the trip of the Yasawas Islands for two nights (Staying at Coral View), before coming back and stopping at the middle of the range for two nights (at Manta-ray resort … apparently there are lots of Manta-rays around here) and finally staying one night in the Mamanuca Islands (at Bounty Island Resort) before coming back to Nadi. The package is all inclusive (there is no choice in the matter) and comes to … wait for it … $914 Fijian Dollars (just over £300, working out at over £60 a day … that's more than I spent in Canada!).

The price isn't the only bad news; basically when I come back I only have two nights left in Fiji meaning that I wouldn't be able to make it back to Mango Bay to see the security guards village; there are village visits on the islands I'll be visiting but it won't be the same. With the fact I'm missing out on seeing my Fijian friends village and the price, it was a hard decision, but this is something I wanted to do and a three day pass was going to cost over $500 and so it was more economical to do the six day pass. This has totally destroyed my budget but never mind, I want to go island hopping and I don't want any regrets (plus wants the point in coming to Fiji if you aren't going to see any of the islands?).

Due to the weather being a lot cooler I walked most of the way into town stopping at the first place I stayed at when I arrived in Fiji (The Nadi Bay Resort) to reserve my last two nights in Fiji (oh and to see if I had left my nail scissors there as I seem to have lost them … no such luck) and then at McDonald's to get an 'ice coke' (I've seen them advertised around here and wanted to try one … they are very good).

Once in town I did a few odd jobs which included buying a little water for the next six days. After which I headed back to the hostel.

Once back at the hostel I met a lovely English couple who are going pretty much the same trip I am but backwards (they started in Asia and are now heading to North America … totally jealous). We chatted for a bit before they went for dinner (I wasn't that hungry at that particular time) where as I sat down to read a bit more about New Zealand (apparently it's around 17 / 18 degrees there this time of year … bliss). Around 9pm I went for tea before going to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a very lazy day just waiting for my 'island hopping trip' to start the day after.

Toodle Pip!

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