Friday, 18 June 2010

Using Comedy in the loosest possible sense

MP3 track of the day - Mr Brightside - Killers

Weather: Okay, not raining but not that hot

Well lets go back to yesterday night after I blogged. Instead of reading my book I decided to go out. The hostels got an 'event organiser' which was offering $3.00 tickets to an American Comedy night (I know using the words 'American' and 'comedy' in the same sentence is a contradictory in terms, but I don't know any other way to describe the event on offer).

Now I can see you screaming at your computer screens saying "... no don't do it!... its not worth it... the Americans can't do comedy" and you are right; however at this point I had three okay reasons to go out. Firstly I hadn't done anything that day, secondly it was only $3.00 and thirdly maybe American stand up comedy might be different to whats on TV...

... No it isn't. I can't begin to describe how bad it was ... in fact there isn't any English word, within the dictionary, that I could use to describe how terrible this 'comedy' was (I use the word comedy in the loosest possible sense). Now I'm not being sexiest, but I struggle to find female stand-up comedians funny (don't know why, they just don't make me laugh) ... and at this 'comedy night' there were three. Luckily there was a sign above the stage saying 'comedy night' so I could remind myself what was going on ... also I set 5 minute reminders on my phone to remind me to smile ... I think I would prefer to stick pins in my eyes than go through that again. However, the Americans loved it! I couldn't believe it ... now I would actually quite like to be a stand-up comedian as a profession (or writing novels), but I know that I'm not funny enough ... so I don't do it. Now in America, being funny doesn't seem to matter within the job description therefore I reckon I would be a huge hit.

After this 'excellent use of time' I headed to sleep ready for my flight tomorrow.

I got up a decedent time and, after breakfast, headed to the airport and caught my flight. The flight was good but I couldn't see allot until we descended into the airport due to the amount of clouds. I did watch a film called 'extraordinary measures' which was sad but a really good film staring Harrison Ford.

I'm now in Anchorage and, I have to say, it looks like a little bit of a dump. My hostel isn't that great either but I'm only here two nights ... I'm looking forward to getting out of here and into the wild.

Tomorrow the plan is to do all my laundry, try to book a flight to the north of Alaska after my tour and finally book a cruise back to Canada (Vancouver Island).

Toodle Pip

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