Friday, 4 June 2010

Jasper is so beautiful

31st May 2010

MP3 track of the day: Nimrod - Elgar

Weather: Beautiful; blue skies, not too hot ... just right

Waking up a 4:00am I got ready and walked to Edmonton bus station. I was glad to see the back of Edmonton ... the city had been okay but not really worth the visit. The walk lasted 9 minutes and, I have to say, it was the hardest walk so far. The additional weight of the food and water really effected me but I got there.

I got on the coach and it took around 4 hours before we reached the outskirts of the national park. I can honestly say that it took my breathe away, the snow capped mountains, alpine forests and glacier watered lakes that were on either side of our coach were stunning. Every few minutes there was another picturesque scene and I just wanted to get out of the coach and take a few shots.

The town of Jasper is small but perfectly formed; the buildings are stunning. However, having all my stuff with me, I wasn't really 'sightseeing' and just headed to the 'HI Jasper' shuttle service. Once there I met an English girl from Leicestershire who was also heading to the hostel after a day out; she was really nice and even helped me with my bags. The hostel is 4 miles out of town and is the only building on the side of Whistler mountain (in fact the nearest buildings to the hostel are in the town of Jasper, 4 miles away). There is no phone signal, no internet just trees all around and a mountain out of the kitchen window ... it was bliss. Once in the hostel she showed me around the place; I dropped all my stuff off, had some lunch, and headed out to ... anywhere really.

Jasper just gets better and better and better. Behind every corner of every road was another beautiful sight and I was burning through my camera battery. Jasper national park is stunning ... I'm going to like it here.

Toodle Pip!

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