Saturday, 20 March 2010

Car Aid

It's been a while since my last update, mainly because there hasn't been a lot going on ... until last weekend.

Last Saturday (13th March) I went to my local St. John's Ambulance training facility to learn about first aid. I thought, considering I'll be travelling alone, it might be a good idea. Initially I wasn't keen on doing this course, however I really enjoyed it.

We went through the recovery position, choking, burns, bleeding and breaks. It was very interesting (alot more interesting than the F1 race I watched the day after) and I learnt allot (did you know that, when calling for the emergency services from a mobile, the number is 112)

The second thing I accomplished over the weekend was to sell my car ... to my mum.
Go back a couple of months and there I was writing my car advert, in comes my mum and asks how old it is, how much mileage it's got and eventually she asked if she could purchase it ... sorted! Two months on and the deal was done. I am quite sad to see it go; my Polo has been my pride and joy for the last 4 years and it was the first car I purchased ... still it's no good having it on my drive for a whole year, and I need the money for my travelling.

I'm really glad I purchased the Polo:
  • I've loved driving it,

  • It's never let me down,

  • I've never wanted another car

  • It was still worth £4,300.00 after 4 years.

I think I might get another polo when I get back ... but maybe this time I'll have a 1.4ltr and have it in a grey colour.

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