Monday, 14 September 2009

Packed and ready to go!

Well It's a bit weird really,

I'm packed, I've studied all my train departure times, I've charged all the many batteries of the items I'm taking and yet still I don't feel excited or nervous. To be fair it's been a busy day of paying in cheques, clearing my cameras memory cards of photos and packing; I have been a very busy boy.

One minor problem is that my current phone will not use the SIM card I bought for my travels. You see my current phone is locked to my provider (Orange) and I asked it to be unlocked just short of 2 weeks ago. However I've just been informed that it could take 6 weeks to get my phone unlocked ... what is a fat lot of good as I would be back by then!

Searching around my room I've found two of my old mobiles and hey-ho the SIM card works in one of them. However this does mean I will have to take both mobiles with me and therefore two mobile phone chargers as, even though both phones are made by the same manufacture, they have different chargers ... I'm so glad an agreement has been made so that all new phones will use the same USB adapter.

So more stuff to pack!

Looking at my train times I will have to leave the house at the leisurely time of 11:30am. All I have to do is:
  • get a bus into town,
  • get bus to the train station,
  • get train to London,
  • get the Euro star to Brussels
  • finally get a taxi/bus to my hostel

How hard can it be?

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