Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Waiting for a train

Tuesday 5th April 2011

MP3 track of the day: Hurry up and wait - Stereophonics

Weather: Cold and cloudy.


Well this is going to be the quickest blog in history. After waking up, again early, I had breakfast before checking-out and sticking my 'big bag' within the luggage room. I kept my small bag (with my computer and camera) with me and went up to the 5th floor. Understandably no one else was around and so I had full control of the TV. I put on 'The Social Network' which is a film about how Facebook came into being. Believe it or not but it was really good.

Afterwards I passed the remote onto a guy, who had just come in, and went out to waste a bit of time. I bought a Mars and then headed back into the common room. On the way I stopped off at the bar and ordered some lunch. There were quite a few people playing pool and so I joined then until my dinner showed up and someone put 'Tron Legacy' on the TV. It wasn't as good as I remembered.

For the rest of the evening I spent the time watching TV, playing pool and eating food. This 'rest stop' has been nice however I'm looking forward to moving on. What I'm not looking forward to is going through Chinese immigration. As my guidebook doesn't show Taiwan as a 'Chinese state' it could get it taken off me (therefore I've put it right at the bottom of my bag). I always worry about entering a new country;

· How are things going to work?

· How do I book my transport?

· How much are things going to cost?

· How much English do the population really speak?

· Will there be chocolate cake?

I think, once I've found my accommodation within Nanning, and I've booked a train, bus, boat to Hong Kong then all will be fine. Until then my 'worry-o-meter' is on high. So here I am just waiting to leave. The taxi is booked for 8pm and so I need to get ready.

Goodbye South East Asia!

Toodle Pip!

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