Saturday, 26 March 2011


Saturday 26th March 2011

MP3 track of the day: Bittersweet symphony – The Verve

Weather: Cold, wet and miserable


Today I've organised a lot, but not done much. Yet again I found myself up early and so I went downstairs, to the restaurant, to have breakfast and surf the web. Today I had a list of jobs to complete which included:

  • Finding a way of seeing the ancient tombs around Hue.

  • Booking a coach to Hanoi.

  • Booking accommodation within Hanoi.

  • weather report.

  • Emailing 'Booking F1' with an address in Hanoi (to sent my Chinese F1 ticket too).

The day started off well; I inquired into a tour, to the tombs around Hue, within my hostel. I was surprised to find that they did a day trip to the three main tombs, and the Thein Mu Pagoda (plus the usual added tat) for around $10. Before accepting, my hostels offer, I walked around the block where, no word of a lie, I found fifteen travel agencies. I went into twelve of them and inquired about a tour to the tombs. In each one I was forced to take a seat while they said the same thing my hostel had told me. I eventually decided to go for a tour agency across the road from my hostel as they had a similar tour, but for half the price. I celebrated by purchasing a Mars bar.

Even though the sleeper coach to Hanoi was more expensive, at my hostel, than at other agencies I still went for it. I like the people who work here however, ultimately, if there are any problems I know where to complain and they will help me out. I then took a seat within the restaurant, ate my Mars, and went online to book accommodation. As my coach was booked for Monday – and it was a sleeper – I wouldn't need a room until Tuesday. Loads of people I've met have recommended 'Hanoi Backpackers'. The write up certainly sounded good; a whole floor designated a chill out area, plasma T.V.'s within each dorm and a restaurant. Considering the weather still didn't look good in either Hue or Hanoi, I thought that this would do and, looking at the dates, I would be there for my birthday. With this done I emailed the hostel to inquire about their address so my F1 ticket could be posted.

Having achieved all my targets for the day, and the weather being so bad, I chatted to people within the hostel before ordering lunch and watching the Australian F1 Qualifying. It looks as though the Maclaren lack of pace has been sorted and, with Hamilton on the front row, I was very happy indeed (especially with Ferrari down the grid). After qualifying I turned off the restaurant's TV, handed back the remote, and sat down. I was a little gutted that tomorrow, with my tour, I will miss the race … never mind, hopefully I catch the Malaysian one. For the rest of the day I stayed in the hostel. There wasn't any point venturing out; the weather was so grim, most backpackers we inside and I had seen everything within the city. Tomorrow I'll visit the temples and then another lazy day on Monday, until coach arrives at 5pm. It's a hard life.

Toodle Pip!

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