Monday, 7 March 2011

I-to-I day seventeen: New text book

Monday 7th March 2011

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Weather: Hot and very humid

I had slept so much over the weekend that I was up much earlier than I needed to be. This was actually a good thing; with another twenty volunteers, within the guesthouse, I had to get downstairs early to make sure that I had breakfast. I had yet another cold shower and hurried along, getting my breakfast with no problems what so ever. It was a little weird to find that none of the new volunteers where heading to 'library two' with Sandy and I. I didn't mind as, I didn't want anyone cramping my style, but we did have a class without an English teacher. Sandy and I boarded are tuk-tuk and I continued to read.

Once I had arrived at 'library two' I was introduced to my next text book, 'lets go – book three'. I was glad that all my students had a copy however, after flicking through 'unit one', it became apparent that it was quite a step up. For example my students have only done one line conversations:

  • Where is Kate?

  • She's at the park

Now the book was asking for multiple conversational lines. The work we had to cover today was the below conversation:

  • Student One: Excuse me. Where's the lunchroom?

  • Student Two: It's across from the gym. Come with me.

  • Student One: O.K.

  • Student Two: My name is Amy. What's your name?

  • Student One: I'm David.

  • Student Two: These are my friends, Ben and Wendy. This is David.

  • Student Three: Hi David.

However, before trying to attempt to teacher the above conversation, I got all my students outside for a class photo. The students knew what was coming; when I asked them if I could take their photos they were ecstatic. Once outside I set-up my tri-pod so that I could be in the photos. I also got the Cambodian teachers to join in. One command, which didn't translate very well, was when I asked all the children to pull a 'funny face'. I set my timer, ran to the back of the class and got into character. When I looked at my photos I noticed that I was the only arse pulling a stupid face.

It only took fifteen minutes for the photo session to be completed. We filed back into class and on with the lesson highlighted above. I drilled two lines at a time, getting the children to collectively, and individually say each line. I changed 'lunchroom' and 'gym' to something more appropriate. Finally I got them to write down the two lines before we moved onto the next two lines and the whole process happened again.

Once all lines had been drilled we went through a bit of role play with one student playing 'number one', one student playing 'number two' and two students playing 'number three'. The students had a list of locations so that they could personalise their sentences. Once this was completed I got each student to come out to the board, in turn, to play teacher. They would nominate which students would play which roles and what locations would be used. They enjoyed that. I finished off the lesson with 'beat the clock' focusing on words my students had trouble pronouncing.

The morning class was over, and I was so tired. I got out some snacks for lunch, ate and drank, before reading a little more of my book. The afternoon class came in and I repeated the above lesson, with similar success. Once the afternoon was completed I got on the tuk-tuk. I shimmed through my new text book; yes its harder than 'let's go – book two' however I think it's do able. It will certainly challenge my students, which is what I want. I am however worried that certain students will get left further behind.

Back at the guesthouse I was so tired that I purchased some snacks for tomorrow, surfed the internet, lesson planned and crashed. I also went through the photos that I had taken today. My plan was to create a kind of 'business card' for each student; their class photo will be on one side and my thanks, plus signature, on the other. I got these ready to print tomorrow and to give them out on my final day.

My lesson plan was for Wednesday and not for Tuesday. Tomorrow is 'Women's rights day' (along with Shove Tuesday. I shall have pancakes tomorrow … again) which is actually a national Cambodian holiday. The public school is closed, however we aren't and so we will be getting double the amount of children. We cannot work on 'Women's rights day' and so games will be played. Women's rights day; I'm all for women's rights. I believe that they have the right to choose what to cook in the kitchen.

Toodle Pip!

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