Saturday, 12 February 2011

Catch up day two

Saturday 12th February 2011

MP3 track of the day: Paperback writer - The Beatles

Weather: What a shocker … its hot

It was lovely to lie in until 10am. Yet again one of my room mates had locked the bathroom door from the inside; I therefore had to ask a member of the hostel staff to re-open it. After a shower I went to my local mini-mart for a bacon butty (that's what it was called on the menu) with a coconut shake. My 'bacon butty' was actually bacon in a warm baguette; it was lovely.

Once eaten I went back to my hostel to commence the mammoth task of updating this blog. For those who have read the last two updates I'm sure you can appreciate that it took quite a while to write about my visit to Angkor Wat. It took so long that, once finished, it was 3:30pm. I packed away my laptop and went for a look around Siam Reap.

There isn't much to see within Siam Reap itself; its basically a city designed for tourists visiting Angkor Wat. Thousands of guesthouses, hotels and tuk-tuks litter the streets … it's easier to find western food here (hence the bacon butty) than it is to find Cambodian and the price reflect the tourist pull. I stopped by the local mini-mart, again, and purchased a Mars bar before visiting KFC for two lovely pieces of deep-fried chicken and a large drink. Food didn't stop there; I had been told that there was a superb cake shop that any cake lover just had to visit. Within a five minute walk I was outside the 'Blue Pumpkin'. I walked inside and found heaven; rows of neatly stacked, beautiful cakes, all ready for me to eat. As I looked through the glass cabinets I saw about twelve that I fancied trying. I opted for the 'Royal', which was a lovely chocolate with biscuit base cake, however tomorrow I shall go for the 'death by chocolate cake'. As I left the 'Blue Pumpkin', rather full and feeling a little ill (sign of a good cake), I contemplated 'death by chocolate' and decided that it was probably the best way to go. No, actually, being eaten alive by Angelia Jolie was probably the best way to go, however death by chocolate ran at a close second.

I walked this way and that, through the old market looking at all the shops. During this time I had twenty-seven tuk-tuk and 329 massage offers, all of which I replied 'no thank you' to. It was nice to see that there were more cake shops (one had some lovely cupcakes) and a few places selling sorbet. The food within Siam Reap is wonderful and I contemplated staying here longer.

I returned to my hostel around 5pm and, yet again, my PC was out. First of all I booked my accommodation, and bus ticket, to Phonm Penh (for Saturday) before filling out visa application forms for both China and Vietnam. The Vietnamese form was only one side of A4 and pretty easy; the Chinese visa form was six sides of A4 and they wanted to know everything. I felt a little like 'Chunk' from the 'Goonies' when he was captured by the 'Fratellis'. I even had to tell them every country I've visited within the last year. No mean feat I can tell you. I took copies of said forms and put a little money within the hostels 'tip' box as the owner didn't charge me the for fourteen sheets of printed A4 paper I had requested. I then had something to eat at the hostel before chilling and working out my plan of action for tomorrow. I think I will walk around the town, taking a few photos, before getting ready to move onto Phnom Penh. It's going to be a very busy time within the Cambodian capital. Sightseeing, visiting embassies for visas and reading my English notes. On the plus side today I've hardy spent anything and hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

Toodle Pip!

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