Tuesday, 8 February 2011

And on the seventh day he rested

Sunday 6th February 2011

MP3 track of the day: Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding

Weather: Hot

I had good intentions for today, really I did. I was going to get up early and finish off my photography from yesterday starting with a small photo shoot of the town, followed by the view on the sunset side of the island before waiting until sunset to get even more photos. The plan didn't start well.

Due to the bonfire last night I was up late; I didn't feel that energetic, and neither did Joe or Rachael. We went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast – I had a chocolate pancake and a coconut shake … yum – whilst awaiting the arrival of Tom and Dorianna. At Breakfast Joe and Rachael mentioned that they didn't have much kip left but had plenty of American dollars; I was in the opposite boat and, as I'm heading to Cambodia in two days time, (and the Laos 'kip' is worthless out of the country) we decided to do a little trade setting me up for my trip ahead.

It didn't take long for Tom and Dorianna to turn up however they did have a little problem. Last night, after the bonfire, Tom went to cycle back to his bungalow, on his rented bike, only to find that it had been taken. Tom's a bit like me and you could see that he was worried about it. We all tried to reassure him that, due to the bike rental operators not giving out bike locks, this thing probably happened all the time. Added to this that we were on an island (and so the possibility of someone making it off said island, with the stolen bike, was very slim) Tom started to feel better and a very British conclusion was accepted. Tom wouldn't tell the bike owner that his bike had been stolen.

We all sat down and, after breakfast, continued to play cards late into the morning. None of us had the energy, or the will, to do anything else and I didn't mind as, just being within this heat, would hopefully help me to adjust once I reach Siam Reap. We played cards for so long that, when we did eventually finish and leave said restaurant, we went straight into another restaurant for lunch.

After lunch we all went our separate ways with me back at my guesthouse reading a book. At 5pm Joe and Rachael came to meet me and we all went to Tom's and Dorianna's bungalow to watch the sunset (which allowed me to get a few photos). Tom and Dorianna were moving on the day after and so they offered their bungalow to Joe and Rachael, who were staying on the island longer than I. Rachael loved it and so we decided to meet up tomorrow morning, for breakfast, and to swap the keys.

The sun had set, we were all pretty hungry, and so we headed back to the restaurant where we had breakfast this morning. The place was rammed, which was a little strange as I had never seen it so busy before, the food was good and so I think the word had spread. Five of us placed our order and waited. Bless her, the owner must have been rushed off her feet, and our food took quite a while to arrive. The meal also wasn't the best I had eaten there, but never mind.

After this we were all still pretty tired from the day before and so headed our separate ways. Just like this blog the day went very quickly, which was quite surprising considering nothing was achieved. I'm just waiting to head into Cambodia. I will get those photos done tomorrow though.

Toodle Pip!

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