Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Wednesday 5th January 2011

MP3 track of the day: If I ruled the world - Jamie Cullum

Weather: much cooler than Bangkok yet still hot enough for shorts and a t-shirt

Waking up at 9am I burst into action. First of all, as a lot of people where leaving early for a two a day trek today, I delayed showering until later and went straight for breakfast. Breakfast was followed by getting my laundry done; as the washing machine was doing 'it's thing' I went on the internet and completed my 'e-jobs' just in time for the washing machine to stop … err washing. I hung my clothes up and finally got to use the bathroom, it was a nice feeling when hot water ran out of the shower. All of the above sounded like it happened with military precision however it still took until 1pm to complete my objectives. I finally ventured into town.

Following the advice of 'Noom', the manager of the hostel, I went into the local village, turned left and then turned right at the traffic lights. Noom also mentioned that there was a shopping center on the way to town with a huge food court; he recommended going for lunch here.

I was glad to see that to walk into town wasn't out of the realms of possibility, it only took me twenty minutes to reach the shopping center and town was only a further ten minutes. Once I had arrived at the shopping center I went down to floor 'G', which is what Noom said to do. Here I was supposed to find loads of places to eat however in reality I found very few. I did wonder if I had entered the wrong shopping center however I was way to hungry to shop around. I ate at KFC. Before leaving the shopping center I noticed that there was a cinema which could come in handy.

I finally made it into the center of Chang-Mai; the center is conveniently quite small due to an ancient moat creating a perimeter around the area. I walked and walked having a look around 'Wat Phra Singh' and 'Wat Chedi Luang' on the way. Both temples where pretty interesting with Luang being my favorite out of the two. Whilst walking around Chang-Mai I bumped into Josephine and Lea; we chatted for a little while and it appears that there was a third girl with them who I hadn't seen on the train due to her feeling very ill indeed. She was still in bed and Josephine and Lea had left her to have a look around town and also buy her some fruit.

None of us were sure about what to do tonight but a film sounded good. I mentioned that I knew where a cinema was and so we arranged to meet up later using Facebook to define the actual time; we parted with the intention of meeting up later.

I headed back to the guesthouse to pick up my lovely clean, and dry, laundry and to check Facebook. I had received a message from Josephine stating that her friend was too ill to go to the cinema and instead they where going to head to a local night market and asked if I wanted to join them. I wasn't really interested in going to a night market located at the other end of town, I politely declined and headed out somewhere locally for something to eat.

Once back at the guesthouse it was around 9pm. I put a film on a watched that before going to sleep. I do like Chang-Mai, it's a chilled city which has just about everything you want close by. I like the guesthouse here and so I may stay longer, though apart from Thai cooking I don't think that there is much I want to do around here … taking it easy might be high on my agenda for here.

Toodle Pip!

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