Thursday, 16 December 2010


Thursday 16th December 2010

MP3 track of the day: Three little birds – Bob Marley

Weather: Another fine sunny day

My room felt like the arctic when I awoke; when I went to sleep last night someone had the air-conditioning temperature down to 20 … I put it up to 23 but I was still cold during the night. I didn't feel too well when I woke and thoughts of the Cameron Highlands came flooding back to me, luckily I only have one more night here. Once out of the room I immediately warmed up; it was a bit weird eating breakfast on my own (as Claudia wasn't up and Mike was in another hostel) and I was missing the group. Soon after Claudia came past me and said goodbye as she was heading to Bangkok on the train … so now we are down to two.

Today I have loads of internet chores to do; firstly I have to update my blog (which, as you can see, I've done) as I've been having so much fun recently it's been on the back burner for days. I also have to:

  • book accommodation in Krabi (plus print off map)

  • Check the Thai bat

  • Upload my photos to the internet

  • Update finances

  • Check emails and facebook

I also need to purchase some more shaving foam, a memory card and re-pack my bag (as I will be passing through the Thai boarder ... I don't want anything that isn't mine in my bag). I knew this would take a while so, whilst chatting to Mike last night, he decided to have a look around town and we would meet up in the late afternoon. We both wanted to see 'Tron: Legacy' so that's the plan for tonight, though I do have to watch the pennies as I am running out of cash with only one day in Malaysia to go.

I started my chores and booked an 'okay' place in Krabi. It doesn't look brilliant and, with only six beds, there won't be much of an atmosphere … oh and it's expensive, but it's the cheapest I could find. I only booked two nights so that I could look around Krabi, when I get there, for something cheaper or, if I don't like Krabi, move on … trying to keep it flexible.

All other internet jobs went well but took there time. It wasn't until 2pm that I was ready to leave the hostel. Once outside I went to the shopping center to have lunch and purchase a can of shaving foam and another memory card (which I managed to barter the price down by five ringgit, or a British pound to you and me … first time). I then came back to my hostel, went though my entire contents of my bag and re-packet it. Some compartments aren't lockable so I'll have to check them again tomorrow morning.

By this time it was around 4:45pm and so I emailed Mike to say that I was ready, whenever he was, to meet up. I started to watch a film at the hostel and, at around 5:15pm, Mike showed up and off we went to the cinema.

'Tron Legacy' was great, I really enjoyed it and I'm tempted to watch it again soon (also theres a really fit bird in it). The thing that wasn't very nice were the Malayan people in the cinema. Mike had someone behind him stick his bare feet to the left of his head and mobile phones went off all the time (with one guy behind us having a long conversation). Both of us are petty tired of this selfish Malayan culture and we moaned about it all the way to the Indian restaurant.

I had eaten so much pop corn (which was lovely) that I wasn't hungry at all and so I only had a pudding, where as Mike had a full meal. On the table to our left was another traveling couple struggling to find something on the menu that they wanted to order (seemed like a 'steak and chips' couple). We tried to help them but we got our bill and left before they had made their minds up. I went for one drink with Mike before we shook hands, wished each other good luck for the rest of our trips, and I headed off for an early night. There is still a chance that I will see Mike again, but its uncertain.

So this ends my time in Malaysia. Yes I found it difficult, yes the people in Kuala Lumpur aren't great but overall Malaysia has been okay. There are quite a few things to see here and, apart from Kuala Lumpur, the people are friendly enough. You could do the sights in Malaysia in a week and compared to other countries I've visited (JAPAN) it's not as good. Malaysia isn't as cheap as I thought it was going to be either; my daily average was over £17.00! (I wanted it to be ten!). However I did do quite a bit of shopping (plus a two-day tour) that will hopefully sustain me as I travel further into South East Asia. Finally I don't think that I will be coming back to Malaysia anytime soon.

Toodle Pip!

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