Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Last Meal

Tuesday 14th December 2010

MP3 track of the day: Jingle Bells

Weather: Raining in the middle of the day, followed by sunshine

For the first time whilst staying in George Town I woke up a decent time; however it still took a while for the group of us to get ready, which now included Mike as he had arrived, this morning, from the jungle. It was at this time that I asked the receptionists if I could extend my stay by a further two nights. To add further confusion I had to change dorms today due to a party of people coming who had booked the whole of my dorm. It felt like I had just asked the receptionists to explain partial physics as it took me hours to sort it all out; the end result was that I did have to move dorms and that I did have an extra two nights, however I couldn't go into my new dorm due to other guests not checking out yet. I therefore packed all my stuff up, left it at reception, and went out to join the others. We had planned to head to the national park today (I had purchased a bottle of water especially), however with the clouds becoming darker and darker, it was decided that it wasn't worth going as it would probably rain constantly.

Instead we walked around town … again … and the rest of the group went into a Mosque where as I, not really that bothered, waited outside. The rain did indeed throw it down and so I took shelter in the Mosque porch and waited for the others to finish their tour. We then decided to head to a coffee shop, recommend by our hostel, for a drink and to wait for the rain to stop (it was actually really good as the place had a lot of character).

The rain finally gave way and so we headed to a Chinese temple that cost us ten ringgit to enter (all the others had been free). It was quite nice but I don't think it was worth the cost, especially as I shall be heading to China at some point.

Feeling quite tired we went for lunch before heading back to the hostel to watch the second half of the 'Shawshank Redemption' (great film). The film finished at around 5pm; feeling as though we hadn't done much today we decided to go out for another walk. Before this though I was able to put my stuff into my new dorm. I picked up my bags from reception and put them next to my bed. It took me a while to work out that something was missing … my towel wasn't there. Due to having a shower this morning my towel was wet and so I left it out of my bag to dry; on my return the towel wasn't with my possessions. I went back to reception to see if they had it, in which they replied 'no', but they would keep an eye out.

I followed the group out on our walk, still a bit annoyed about my towel, wondering why anyone would steal it … I suppose it is a quick dry towel. The walk was okay, we went into a market and looked at shops that we hadn't seen before, but I got the feeling that no one could really be bothered, including me.

We shortly arrived back at our hostel to chill before tea. I decided to get my computer out of my bag and go on the internet; once I opened my bag I found my towel (I must have gone back to my bag during the day and put my towel away when it felt dry). I felt like such an idiot; I immediately apologized to the receptionists for my mistake.

At around eight we headed out for something to eat. As it was the two German (Stephanie and Anna) and Kiwi girls (Barbara-ann) last night they got to decided what we would eat. Indian was chosen and so we all popped down to the local one. I was feeling a little festive (Christmas songs were playing at our hostel) and so the Santa hat came out for the final meal; on our way to the Indian apparently a little girl saw my hat and started singing 'Jingle Bells'; sadly I didn't hear her and only when Barbara-Ann mentioned it was I a little gutted to have missed it. Now something I haven't mentioned before but every time I've been for something to eat I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get. Communication is a little difficult, and it doesn't help that 'yes' seems to be the waiters answer to every question:

  • ...Is this my meal?...” - Yes!

  • ...Should I put the chilli sauce on or is it better with the mint?...” - Yes!

  • ...Will I die if I eat what you've cooked?...” - Yes!

The reason I'm telling you all this is because this time the meals got mixed up. I ate Stephanie's' meal and she ate mine; what was worse was that a) this was Stephanie's' last meal here 2) hers had lots of mushrooms in it and d) it was more expensive than what I had ordered. Still we both had a good laugh about it.

After the meal we went to a 'Reggie bar'; just before arriving Claudia (another German girl who had joined us) said that tomorrow was her 28th Birthday. It was her birthday and she didn't have any cake! … that's not on. As we walked further to the 'Reggie bar' we past a seven-eleven where I dashed in to find a cake along with Stephanie. There was a poor selection on the shelves with one said cake looking so green it looked like it had gone off. In the end I purchased a small Swiss-roll which she was very grateful to receive. We had one drink at the 'Reggie bar' where we also managed to persuade the owner to get Claudia a better birthday cake and the whole bar sang happy birthday to her. I then asked her what she wanted to do tomorrow (as she wasn't leaving until the day after) to which she replied she would like to go to the beach at sunset … Mike and I were on the case.

Everybody was pretty tired and so we headed back to the hostel where everyone went to sleep, apart from Stephanie and I; we chatted for a bit about life, the earth and whether Elvis was still alive … it was 2am when I finally went to bed.

Toodle Pip!

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