Friday, 10 December 2010

Cup of tea sir?

Friday 10th December 2010

MP3 track of the day: I would walk 500 miles – Proclaimers

Weather: A beautiful day (which was a little annoying as I had forgotten to bring my suncream with me) but with heavy rain in the evening.

Last night I chilled until around 11pm, chatting to this German girl (who is really nice, quite attractive and is traveling to Penang at the same time as me … bonus). After this I went to sleep, however it was still cold. Waking up in the morning I thought that I was coming down with a cold or something; I reckoned this was due to the coldness of the room and the fact that I had no sleeping bag. I have decided to move onto Penang tomorrow, just because I reckon if I stay here any longer I will get ill (and I know I've been hoping for cold, and I do like the cold, I just wish I had a sleeping bag that's all).

Both Mike and I got ready and headed out for another long walk. We both wanted to head to the tea plantation but we didn't want to do a tour, organized by our hostel, as the tour took in eight sites within five hours meaning that we wouldn't have that long at the tea plantation (who wants to see a butterfly farm anyway?). Last night we did hunt for a bus service to the plantation, but were unsuccessful. We therefore headed out on our 8km walk to the plantation.

The walk was pretty draining; luckily it was overcast as we walked to the plantation and so walking along the open highway wasn't a problem heat or sunburn wise, however it was all up hill with traffic passing us ever second (and I'm sure I inhaled more pollution than was good for me). The walk was pretty intense and it took us a few hours to get there. Once there the views were beautiful; I've never seen a tea plantation before and so, seeing the well trimmed tea leaf bushes, at the same height, all over this huge valley made the area look like a sea of light green.

We had to walk another 2km to the Tea Plantation information center where we read about the tea, saw it being harvested (which happens every three weeks, how lucrative is farming tea?), crushed, dried and ready for packing. After this we headed to the tea room where I sampled a cup of their tea (not as nice as PG tips) and a big slice of cake (which was yum).

We left around 2pm and started the long walk back to the hostel. The good news was the road was all down hill, the bad news was that the sun was fully out and we were both concerned of getting burnt (which I think the back of my neck might be). With a combination of shade hopping and the use of my umbrella , we took the long road back down the hill to our accommodation. We were both pretty tired when we arrived back at the hostel and so we chilled again for the evening before grabbing some dinner.

Tomorrow I head for Penang … at 6:50am in the morning! It's going to be a long day though I'll be traveling with a big group of others, including the German girl … nice!

Toodle Pip!

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