Saturday, 18 December 2010

Elvis is alive and well and is living in Krabi

Saturday 18th December 2010

MP3 track of the day: Teddy Bear – Elvis Presley

Weather: Raining in the morning and clearing up early afternoon, though still very cloudy

I slept really well and woke up pretty early, I was ready and down for breakfast by 7:45am. Breakfast was rubbish; I took the largest, and less stale, bread roll I could find and plastered it with strawberry jam. I decided to eat it as I had a walked around Krabi as to not offend anyone when I threw it in the bin (which was bound to happen). It was spitting in Krabi so I walked around looking for potential photo opportunities for when the weather cleared up. I walked along the river front seeing two beautiful rocks reaching out of the water to form a kind of gate way to the port. A huge crab, fending off three smaller crabs, was also sculpted along the river front, probably because this place is called Krabi.

I was still eating this bread roll as I walked nearly all the way around the town; I eventually dumped it in a bin before I went in search of money. Mike had told me that all Thai ATM's charge 150 baht (£3) for the privilege of withdrawing funds. Add the possible £3 fees from my own bank at home and it soon becomes very expensive to withdraw cash here; I think I need to re-think my budget strategy.

Apart from withdrawing cash I was already starting to like Thailand; you could actually walk down the pavements without having to walk into the road due to scooters, stalls or any other rubbish blocking your path … unlike Malaysia. Also there seems to be a lot less rubbish around making the place seem nicer; The only problems are the amount of stray dogs and cats plus there isn't anything to do in Krabi … oh and my large group of mates from Georgetown were missing.

I walked around until about 10am; by this time I had basically seen all of Krabi, including a fabulous Buddhist temple on top of a hill. I came back to my dorm and went on the internet where I saw that Matt was on Facebook at his hostel. We chatted for a bit and then decided to meet up.

Matt wanted to purchase some snorkeling gear and so we went around town looking for the best price. I also was looking for the best price, not for snorkeling gear but for a bus to Khao Lak (where I shall be spending Christmas) and for a day tour to Ko Phi Phi. After a while Matt got his snorkeling gear for 400 baht (£8) and I had found a place that did a mini-van to Khoa Lak for 350 baht (£7 … first price quoted was 400 baht) and a tour for 1,200 baht (£24, first price quoted was 1,500 baht).

The tour seemed pretty good; it's from 8am until 4pm where I get to visit Ko Phi Phi, the location where 'The Beach' was filmed and six other destinations plus lunch and free hire of some snorkeling equipment. If I was to do this on my own it would cost 800 baht for transport, another 400 baht on two nights accommodation, and 100 baht on lunch so really the tour is only 200 baht more expensive then me going it alone. I haven't booked anything yet but I think I'm going to opt for this tour; maybe I'll book it tomorrow for Monday when I go and check into the cheaper hostel.

After this Matt and I headed for some lunch where we also managed to catch a couple of episodes of Friends. Matt then decided to head to a beach where as I, due to the rain receding, went around town again taking photos of the places I had seen earlier in the day before retiring to my hostel to upload the images. It was around 3:30pm when I returned back to my hostel; not sure what to do I decided to read my book and periodically look out of the window to see if the clouds had disappeared.

Four hours just vanished and so it was time to meet Matt for some tea. Again we headed to the night market but this time I had a Kebab (I love cooked pineapple) which was lovely. We sat down with our food and listened to the live local entertainment; one guy singing Elvis songs ... he wasn't very good. After this we headed back to his hostel for a drink where we met an Australian guy and a Swiss girl. We chatted until midnight when I decided to leave.

Tomorrow I will check into Matt's hostel and book myself on the tour for Monday (as weather wise it looks to be good). Whilst I'm at it I might book my mini-van to Khao Lak for Thursday. With four nights to play with there doesn't seem to be a lot to do in Krabi; with high hostel prices on Ko Phi Phi, and not really anywhere to go between here and my Christmas stop, I'm kind of stuck here … I think I'll try to do some day trips, go to the local beach and hope that the new hostel has a good DvD collection. Winding down for Christmas!

Toodle Pip!

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