Monday, 8 November 2010

Rain, Clinton and Planes

Saturday 6th November 2010 – (been traveling over two months now, who is stealing the time?)

MP3 track of the day: White Rider- Lord of the Rings

Weather: Still raining in Christchurch / warm and lovely Auckland

I didn't have to get up early today and so I made the most of it and only just managed to check out of my dorm by 10am. The weather was terrible in Christchurch and so I decided to watch TV at the hostel before heading to the airport. I watched the news plus an interesting programme, on the Discovery channel, about Shanghai and an 'Expo' area that has been beautifully designed and is heralded as urban living of the future. It did look fantastic and a mental note was made that, when I get to China, to visit this 'Expo' area; you can see more information about the area here.

At around midday I decided to head to the airport; my flight wasn't until 3:30pm but I like to get to airports early ... oh and I planned to get some lunch there as well. I was going to get the bus to the airport, however I found a shuttle service, directly to the airport, that was cheaper than the bus. On our way to the airport there were loads, and loads (and loads) of police all around the city; I thought it might have been a crack down on … maybe drink driving ... or not wearing your seat belt, or something like that. However it turned out that Hilary Clinton was in town and she was actually behind us, heading to the airport, for her flight to Australia (her private jet was parked right next to mine).

Taking a direct shuttle meant that I arrived at the airport a lot earlier than I expected, I was so early that I had beaten most of the Jetstar staff to the baggage counters, and so I had to wait about thirty minutes until someone came out to take my bag. After this I headed for the food court where I had a huuuge burger, with chips, for dinner (the burger was good but not as nice as the Furgburger from Queenstown). After this I went through security, where I was surprised to find that I could keep my open bottle of water for the flight, and sad down in the airport lounge to use the free thirty minutes internet I was allowed to have. The internet was so slow that I only managed to get onto the BBC news sports page to look at the Brazilian F1 practice times; I was glad to see Lewis Hamilton up there in contention for this weekend. After this I boarded my flight.

The flight was pretty uneventful, and short; we arrived in Auckland on time and after retrieving my bag, which seemed to take forever, I met Alex and Sarah at the airport (which is exactly how my New Zealand adventure began over one month ago). Unlike a month I hadn't pre-booked a hostel in Auckland and I was luckily enough for Alex and Sarah to invite me to stay with them.

Once back at their place I put my bags in my room (which, I may add, is the nicest room I've stayed in so far on my trip) and went downstairs to see what was for tea … BBQ, lovely. After this we had a leisurely evening watching the TV where I found out that Alex had Sky sports, which will be very handy for the F1 this weekend, even if it does start at 5am.

Tomorrow I think I'll head into Auckland and, with it supposed to be a lovely day, I think I'll head to the Davenport area and generally look around.

Toodle Pip!

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