Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nagasaki ... the city of bridges

Tuesday 16th November 2010

MP3 track of the day: To know my Enemy - The last Samurai

Weather: same as yesterday, still cloudy

I woke up a decent time and said goodbye to Steve; I got ready and headed out for the train station. The train journey itself was uneventful with me writing my blog entry for yesterday. I did meet this very nice old British man who now lives in Germany (but i won`t hold that against him). he talked to me about every topic on the earth including why he keeps coming back to Japan. He was here for work a long time ago but he holidays here every year because it`s his favourite country ... I thought, good choice.

Once in Nagasaki I found my hostel which is located just over the river; the amount of old pedestrian bridges crossing this river is astounding (it`s bridge city). I checked in and Iasked them if they could tell me where a camera shop is (so i can buy a new memory card), the best places to purchase souvenirs and where I might be able to purchase a karate suit. I also got them to write `i am looking for a karate suite` in Japanese, which would become very useful.

As i couldn`t take any photos I headed straight to the camera shop where I bought a 4GB card for around eighteen pounds. I then took a couple of photos to make sure it was okay. Next I went to find a karate suite shop which became a lot harder than I thought it would be. For some reason I got totally lost; well lost isn`t completely the right word as i knew where abouts in the city I was, but it didn`t seem logical for me to be there. I was at the docks and miles away from the city centre; I therefore decided to head back to where I had been previously (which again I got to much quicker than I thought I should have) and started from scratch.

When I eventually found the shop I showed them the `I am looking for a Karate suite` line which they seemed to understand. They didn`t have any in and they had to be ordered (two days) which wasn`t the problem, the problem was that they looked exactly like the ones I had at home. As they did have any suits in stock I couldn`t see if the fabric was any different and, with it being one hundred pounds, I didn`t want to risk purchasing something that I already owned. I decided to leave it for now, maybe Kyoto.

I returned to my hostel to find a camera crew there, they wanted to interview me about Nagasaki, the hostel, and why I had come. It was all good fun having to act out scenes with a member of staff and I, at reception. I also had to answer questions like `what do I like about the hostel?`. I was told that I might be on local TV and the cameraman said that I was a good actor (watch out Tom Cruise). This might be the third time that I will be on Japanese tv; there were cameras for the Delai Lama, cameras at the fire ceremony in Miyajima and now here at the hostel I`m staying at ... I could be a Japanese star.

After this it all went back to normal; I met a polish guy who could speak Japanese and English fluently (git) and a rather cute Swiss girl ... I did manage to make her laugh a lot, so it`s going well so far.

Tomorrow I`ll head to a few of the temples, plus some gardens, and generally look around with. Tonight I need to find something to eat plus I need to book my Kyoto hostel as, apparently, it`s busy season and I need to book in advance.

Toodle Pip!

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