Monday, 18 October 2010

Lazy days are here again!

Tuesday 19th October 2010

MP3 track of the day: Amon Hen – Lord of the Rings

Weather: Wanka = cold, windy with heavy rain in the morning followed by light rain in the afternoon. Queenstown = cold, sunny but raining in the evening.

I had a great nights sleep, so much so that I didn't want to get up. I was pretty much awake when my Taiwanese room mates phone went off … 'its all about you' by McFly was the ring tone. I had thought that the world, thankfully, had got rid of probably the worst band and song that was ever recorded on this earth, but no … there is apparently still one fan, who lives in Taiwan, currently traveling around New Zealand. She apologized for her phone going off, however I thought her ring tone was more of a crime and so I told her so … she just laughed and said that she would change it.

The weather in Wanaka was terrible today, it was cold, windy but most off all throwing it down (I would just like to point out that I'm not complaining … this weather is so much better compared to the furnace of Fiji) and so I wasn't too gutted about leaving, however what to do until 2:30pm when my bus would arrive. I had to check out of my room at 10:00am and so I took my luggage to the TV room where I sat down to watch 'Boy'. This is a rare film in that it was filmed, and produced in New Zealand. The film was a kind of comedy about a group of Maori's and it was brilliant, so much so I might have to purchase it before I leave.

After this I watched the last ninety minutes of 'Lord of the Ring: Return of the King' as there was nothing else on TV. Once this had finished it was time for lunch and so I put my luggage in the luggage storage room before heading into town. One 12” steak and cheese sub, a packet of crisps and a drink of L&P (first time I've had this Kiwi soft drink, really nice) later and I was heading back to the hostel to get my luggage out of the storage room and back into the TV room. I watch a little TV before leaving to get my coach.

The Newmans coach I was catching arrived on time and I got on. Just like every other journey I had commentary for the whole trip which focused mainly on the hundreds of vineyards we passed through. We had one stop which was at a vineyard which sold all types of fruit; as I was walking to the shop I saw another bus with Oriental writing on it …. oh no, not a Chinese battle bus please! I gingerly turned the corner to find a group of orientals within the shop, but thankfully there weren't that many.

After ten minutes of looking around we were off and soon I arrived in Queenstown. It's really sunny here today and it didn't take me long to reach my hostel, 'Base Queenstown'. Note this was not a YHA; most of my time in New Zealand has been spent in YHA's because a) they seem to be the cheapest for me 2) there are very clean and have everything you could wish for, but most importantly d) they seem to cater for the more mature backpacker whereas Base has more of a party atmosphere. So why choose Base? Well as I'm only here one night I wanted to book into the closest hostel to the bus station and, according to the internet, this was it. However when I arrived I noticed the 'YHA central' on the opposite side of the road … oh well, it's only one night.

I got my key and went into my room where I found someone (couldn't tell if it was male or female) sleeping at 4:45pm … but of course. Now I have this hostel rule about dorms and being quiet. If it's between 10:00pm and 9:00am / 10:00am the following day, I will try to be as quite as possible as these are 'sleeping times'. Any other time and I'll be as noisy as I need to be. I put my stuff down, sorted a few things out and then headed downstairs.

At this point it was 5:30pm and I was unsure what to do. There was a $5 meal deal tonight which I thought I might part take in … but not now, maybe 7pm. Oh I need to go out to a supermarket and get some breakfast for tomorrow and I also need an early night tonight as I need to be up by 5:50am (room mates are going to love me).

Tomorrow my bus leaves here at 6:50am and I arrive in Te Anau (near Milford Sound) just after 9am. This is actually quite good as it gives me the whole day to, firstly, sort out a cruise on the fjord for the following day and then have a look around the town and surrounding area.

Until then peeps!

Toodle Pip!

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