Saturday, 4 September 2010

So here we go again

Packed - Check

Passport - Check

USA entry requirements completed on time .... o dear!

Well here I am on the eve of leaving for nine months around the world; feeling okay, a little sad to be leaving everyone, but generally looking forward to my next travelling experience. I'm almost certainly less terrified than the last time, and just as excited.

Whilst I was packing today I found out, whilst looking through my emails, that I had failed to email my passport details to the American immigration officials 72 hours before I fly ... o dear. So this round the world trip could end more quickly than first thought, but I should be okay. It's strange how the USA, or our 'special friends', have the hardest immigration policies in the world ... I reckon it's probably easier to get into North Korea! I am certainly not looking forward to going through passport control in Los Angeles, I have a feeling it won't be as 'friendly' as Canada.

Packing wise I think I've gained a little weight; five guidebooks, 153 malaria tablets and some more first aid stuff does add up; however, as you would have noticed from the photo, no sleeping bag ... so hopefully I shouldn't feel too much difference (and after four weeks one guidebooks will be redundant).

Anyway I don't leave for LA until Monday (arriving around 1pm) and so you won't be getting another update until early Tuesday morning your time. Tomorrow I'll be going down to London around 11ish, and then I'll have the day to look around the place (mainly the Imperial War Museum ... which is free to enter; loving the UK).

Until that time ... toodle Pip!

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