Thursday, 30 September 2010

It truly is a paradise here

26th September 2010

MP3 track of the day: cigarettes and alcohol - Oasis

Weather: It's hot, but you don't notice it as much due to the breeze of the coast (which makes it a little dangerous for getting burnt).

Waking up a decent time I headed for breakfast. I had now tested all three meal times the resort offered in a day and, I have to say, I was not very impressed by the standard compared to the food on the mainland (and the prices). For breakfast I had toast, that was probably toasted two days ago, which was cold and tasted of cardboard. The fruit (watermelon) was warm and mushy and the orange juice was orange squash. Taking everything into account, (the $61 price tag for all food per day, the fact that most food has to be shipped here adding additional cost and that Fiji is a pretty poor country) and balancing the pro's and con's in my head, I felt that the resort was purposely not doing enough so that you bought additional food from there highly inflated snack bar. All-in-all I wish I had brought some additional snacks with me.

However the food wasn't the most important part of the resort, its location was. Due to the wonderfully cool breeze I decided to take a stroll along the beach and see how far I could go (maybe all the way around the island) before lunch.

I have arrived in paradise. This island is amazingly beautiful with everything your imagination expects from the islands of Fiji. I took my camera and tri-pod and, for the first time this trip, got down to some serious photographing (it's been too hot to carry the equipment on the mainland) so check out my flickr account.

There were so many views to photograph and it was only when I had reached the top of the island that my path was blocked by the sea to my left, and a rocky outcrop hugging the coastline to my right. Also it was nearly time for the snack that they call lunch and so I headed back to the resort.

Again I met the Aussies for lunch which consisted of a huge pile of wet rice in which you could make out a few pieces of vegetables. Along side was half a wet banana and some more vegetables in coleslaw (no drink included). I have to be honest and say it was more filling than yesterday, but more boring.

After this I was pretty tired and so I headed for my dorm to chill before 4pm for the biggest meal of the day … afternoon tea (CAKE ... which was amazing!). Once this was done I tried to walk around the other half of the island (In the morning I turned right out of the resort, and so this afternoon I turned left) but I didn't get very far due to the loss of beach to a rocky outcrop. I therefore went back to the resort, found palm tree and read my book … but not or very long as the winds were really quite fierce and I was feeling quite cold (which was a pleasant change).

I headed into the resort to watch tv and wait for tea. Tea was actually really good with loads of cooked meats on offer, I therefore went up for seconds and then I went for my daily bowl of ice cream. Again the staff played instruments and sang there traditional welcome song for the new people who had arrived today.

After this there was a crab race in which you could purchase a crab and, if it won, you took all the money. All the crabs were given a nationality and so I purchased it … yes I did, I had purchased the Welsh crab (I missed out on the English crab by a couple of dollars .. anyway George from my Alaskan trip would be proud) for $2 (66p … thinking about it, I could have bought Wales for that amount). All the crabs were put under a bowl in the center of the table and then, after a 5 second count down, the lid was removed and they were off!

Wales, sticking to it's true sporting tradition, didn't come anywhere close to winning. But we were all glad USA didn't win (some American arse had purchased that crab … you're supposed to start bidding at $2 but he went straight for $6 so that the USA crab would be the most expensive … I was quite tempted to buy the Chinese crab just so I can inform him that I had purchased the futures superpower as the USA are stuffed … but I didn't).

The crab race was too much excitement for me for one day and so I retired to my dorm; I need to be up early tomorrow to check out on time.

Toodle Pip!

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