Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Now before I talk about what I've been doing today, last night I actually didn't go to sleep after I blogged, and instead I met Chuck, a friend of mine I met on the Alaska Trip last June. Chuck and I were suppose to meet up earlier in the day however I arrived to my hostel late and Chuck got caught up at work. Therefore, at 8:30pm, he said he's coming to pick me up and we were going out.

When Chuck arrived he was with his girlfriend (who is studying over here and is originally from Kazakhstan ... don't hear that everyday) and I jumped into the back of the car and as we drove off we chatted about the good old times in Alaska. I then asked where we were going...

... an America comedy night ... oh good. Chuck's girlfriend had won two VIP tickets to a comedy night and I was going to tag along. Now I'm sure you remember my previous American comedy experience in Seattle earlier this year, but I wasn't massively looking forward to this but it didn't matter really as I was meeting my old mate, that was the important thing. Anyway Chuck was a great host, he didn't allow me to buy anything (drinks or my ticket) all night. The venue was quite small and there weren't that many people there (due to having VIP tickets, we were on the second row ... brilliant) I have to be honest, the comedy was terrible, it went as well as a Stuka on a bombing run, but yet again the Americans loved and, if I'm honest, there were two or three funny bits in the hour long procession where sticking pins in your eyes would be less painful. Anyway I adopted my previous tactics learnt at the Seattle 'comedy night' of smiling all the way through and every five minutes pretending to laugh.

It almost worked until the final act talked about chowners (or something like that) ... I must off, by mistake, had a acquisitive look on my face because the comedian (comedian in the loosest possible sense) asked me if I knew what one was ...

... silence; what do I do? 27 people looking directly at me to see what my answer was. I decided that honesty was the best policy and I went for no; he asked why and I said I was from the UK and I've never herd that word before. He began to explain what one was in (apparently) a funny way. To be fair the comedian did move on very quickly and did not bother me again ... which I was very thankful for.

As I was leaving the comedian club after the longest hour of my life I did a quick check to see if I had anything ... MY WALLET WAS GONE. Had someone pick-pocketed me? I went back into the club to see my wallet on the floor, under my chair (when I offered to pay for some of the drinks I got my wallet out and it must have fallen out when I put it back). Luckily nothing was missing and then Chuck gave me a lift back to my hostel and we arranged to meet up the following day, after he had finished work.

I then went to sleep and had a good long sleep until 8:30am this morning. After getting ready I decided to head to the only thing I wanted to see in LA; the area with all the stars on the pavement (called the walk of fame). When asking for info about it at my hostel, the guy said it wasn't really walkable as it was about 40 minutes away and that I should take the bus. Well obviously the guy doesn't really know me and after a whole day on a plane, I decided that a long walk would do me good.

Before departing I checked my guidebook ... which I then found out was rubbish. So now I've decided just to use the map in the back of the guidebook and use 'Bean: Ultimate disaster move' for my attractions ... first stop Sunset Boulevard (as it was on the way to the walk of fame).

Well I have to say that Sunset Boulevard isn't really that good at all ... its got some small nice bits but most looks abit dodgy, and the same can be said for the walk of fame. Apart from a small part of the walk of fame most of it (all located on Hollywood boulevard) looks like it's in a dodgy bit of the city; the buildings aren't that nice and if I had worked in film all my life, I would be a little peeved to find that my 'star' was located outside 'popcorn ch, ch. chickenado!'. I walked the whole of the boulevard and, just like the comedy night, for 90% of the walk, I didn't recognise the names that were being presented to me. I did see a star for Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Nicholas Cage and if Lassy can get a star, theres hope for me yet.

After the walk I went to McDonald's for a little lunch before heading back to the hostel. It's about 4pm now and I'm back at my hostel; I hope to be meeting up with Chuck again sometime soon so I better go. I think tomorrow I'm going to do what Chuck advised and go on a bus tour; $35.00 is a little steep, but as I only have one day left (and the city is so spread out) it seems the only way to see most of the attractions.

Toodle Pip!

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