Thursday, 8 July 2010

Trek America – Day Eight

MP3 track of the day – wonderful - Oasis

Weather: Raining

In the morning Eddie pulled up with the van and the four new people who were replacing Chuck, Lauren, Gwendolyn and Bradford. We had lost four colonials and gained 2 more (Heather, who was very good looking and Marney), plus a Swed (Carl) and a Brit (Nicky). All seemed very nice and off we went.

Due to Johnathan's snoring last night I had got no sleep, therefore when I get no sleep I get a little grumpy; this meant that I decided to try not to talk too much to others as I would probably just snap at them. To make matters worse was that my new group for chores (which included Sandra, which was nice) had me selected to do the grocery shop today. I hate shopping, especially food shopping, and to make matters worse it seemed that everything I picked up was wrong and had to go back. Also I was getting input from other group members:

:“... I don't like those...”

“... I won't eat those....”

“...we've got to have juice...”


The food shop went okay and I returned to the van to try to sleep a little more.

Before reaching Seward we all went for a short walk to the foot of a glacier; it was beautiful and the whole scene seemed very picturesque. Once there I met a lady who was on the flight with me from Seattle up to Anchorage a week ago; she wanted me to tell here everything I've done which was nice, but made me late joining the others back at the van. Once we had reached Seward it was raining (so what's new?) and so I put up the tent and helped cook dinner (cutting up the onions very nicely but slowly).

At this point I decided that I didn't like Nicky (the new Brit) one little bit; you see when I first met her she had kept her mouth mainly shut. However now we were at the campsite all this rubbish started pouring out … and she was really loud. She has three qualities I cannot stand in a person; Loudness, always wanting to be the center of attention and arrogant … for the rest of the trip I would try to stay away from her as much as possible.

I think everyone went into town after dinner, but I was so tired that I just needed to go to sleep … maybe tomorrow I'll head out into town.

Toodle Pip!

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