Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lazy Days are here again

MP3 track of the day - Hurricane - 30 seconds to Mars

Weather: hot and sunny with a cool breeze ... perfect

After my 15 hour ferry journey yesterday, and late night, I had a lye-in until mid-day (that's night, 12pm ... must have been tired) and so I got up and ready before watching the second half of the world cup final (well done Spain).

After this I headed into town (I use the term 'town' loosely here in Port Hardy ... the place isn't very big, with 20/30 buildings maximum) to have a look around and to find something to eat at the local supermarket. There is one big problem in North America and that's finding a cheap lunch that is healthy and filling; in the UK I would go to either Boots (and have there sandwich, crisps and a drink for £2.99) or head to Birds (for a sausage cob ... yum) but not in north America, no sir. Firstly you can't buy normal size bag of crisps (which the colonials call 'chips' ... don't know why) and instead you are left with a huge bag that could feed a family of four for a month. Trying to find sandwiches is difficult and coke is cheaper than bottled water. Therefore I have a bottle of coke, a bounty and a 'feed a family of four for a month' bag of Doritos ...

... If I see another Dorito ever I think I'll scream. It took me almost half of my planned walk to eat this bag and at the end I felt very full, but also a little sick.

As mentioned previously, after my look around 'town' I headed for a small walk along the harbour and a salmon stream. It was lovely if a little short but it was very scenic and I met a lovely dog (and her owner) called Shia who, for half of the walk, was turning around and looking at me (the owner said she just wanted to say hello but I was unsure ... the dog had quite allot of teeth). For the next hour I just walked around the area taking a few photos and going in and out of the trees before returning back to 'town' to purchase my Greyhound ticket, have a look at the other end of 'town' and finally return back to my hostel to prepare for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I take the Greyhound (I never thought I would say this but I have missed the Greyhound ... 12 hours of travel for $89.00 ... not £210.00 for a plane ride or $170.00 for the ferry ... no $89.00 ... brilliant!) to Tofino which I can't wait, it's supposed to be really beautiful around there.

Toodle Pip


  1. Hey Matt,
    Looks like you're having a great time over there without us!
    I just wanted to comment on your crisps story... you find it weird americans call them chips. Just to let you know, in the netherlands, germany and belgium they're also called chips. I'm guessing a lot more countries call them that way as well. Maybe you should ask yourself the question why the english are calling them crisps? ;-)

  2. Sandra,

    It's because that's what they are ... they are 'crisp' pieces of potato, anyway the English are always right ... that's why. :)

    Remember the language is the 'English Language' (not American Language) and so we automatically say it correctly. :)

    It's just like the passport thing with the photograph ... we are correct in putting the photo in the back of the passport too.

    I'm having a wonderfull time but I am missing you all (well, nearly all :) ).

    Nice to see you got a cheap phone bill.