Sunday, 18 July 2010

Crazy situations, museums and beaches

MP3 track of the day - Last night - Diddy

Weather: sunny but cooler than the previous two days

Today I had planned to meet up with a friend that I had meet in Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff ... Rosie. If you remember, Rosie is planning to bicycle from the Yukon to the bottom tip of Argentia on the strangest route known to man. Anyway we were due to meet at 9:00am and of course, being a female, she was late.

Still I didn't mind and so I just waited about 25 minutes before I saw her bike come into view. First thing she said was that she was soooo glad to see me and then she gave me a big hug (well, she is only human). However, for once, my overpowering good looks and charm weren't the main reasons that she was happy to see me; she had being staying at this hotel for free (due to the fact she had met someone staying there and became good friends). However this woman she had met turned out to have a screw loose, and that she batted for the other team ... or so to speak. To make matters worse the woman had tried to kill the guy on reception yesterday, someone off the street had also tried to start a fight with the receptionist yesterday (poor receptionist) because they accused one of the hotel staff of stealing some of their stuff from their room ... oh and to top it all off, some bloke broken into Rosie's room as apparently he sometimes goes there to smoke pot (apparently Rosie said that he was the most apologetic squatter she had ever met).

Now I've never seen a bicycle leave rubber as it rode off, but I could truly believe that this could be the case here, but the crazy thing is Rosie went back to help 'mad woman' move her stuff somewhere else (so that she didn't kill the receptionist) because she said she would.

Being a gentleman (knight in shining armour etc) I said 'to hell with that' and left her to it; I decided to pop into town and we were due to meet up 40 minutes later (if she was still alive that is). There was a old car show in town with hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of old cars in mint condition; I think my dad and grandad would have loved this and I took some photos which will be loaded up to Flickr some point tomorrow.

After wandering around, looking at all these stunning pieces of machinery, I headed back to the hostel to find Rosie had checked in; we then headed out for a cup of tea.

It was now 11am ish and I wanted to go to the Royal British Columbia museum which I had herd so much about from my guidebook; slightly annoyed at how late it was (my guidebook said you needed at least a day their if not more) we purchased our discounted tickets from the hostel and went around the museum.

Actually I thought the museum wasn't that good at all; most of the stuff I had seen before and the exhibition halls were tiny compared to Winnipeg and Ottawa ... I could not understand what all the hype was about. It was great to have Rosie there as she is a fashion designer and loved clothes, therefore I learnt allot about the old clothes that were present within the museum.

After we headed back to the hostel for lunch before chilling before eventually heading out towards the harbour front for a lovely walk. Now, when we were both in Banff, we had a great time trying to find proper cake in a supermarket, but alas to no avail. Now you would have thought the experience from this would have armed us here but no, we went to a shop and purchased two Cinnamon sticks which were dryer than cardboard. They were so bad that, on our walk, Rosie tried to give them away to a mad homeless person with a 30 second memory capacity (I see now how she gets herself into these strange situations) but even he didn't want them ... and so we binned them.

We then walked further along the harbour front and it was beautiful; we chatted allot and it was nice. The thing that wasn't nice was coming back past the Parliament Building. This building (I've got a load of photos on my Flickr account) in the day is beautiful; the architecture is wonderfully done and it just looks superb. At night with the, what seems like 40 watt bulbs stuck all over it, it looks like a fairground ride at Blackpool and it was so ugly that I wish I hadn't seen it (somebody should really look at this and change the design ... i.e. remove all the 40 watts lights off the building and then use big ground lights to light the building from the bottom up).

Anyway so we are back at the hostel and Rosie has gone to bed; I'm off now because I'm shattered and Rosie has talked me into a 60k bike ride tomorrow ... anything for a pretty lady (and she is very good looking).

Toodle Pip!

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