Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Back in Vancouver!

MP3 track of the day - Lose yourself - Eminem

Weather - It's hot, hot in the city, hot in the city tonight

Again, due to traffic outside my window, I woke up quite early and got prepared to leave Victoria. First I had to return the bike I had rented yesterday and also I needed to get some seasick tablets for the ferry journey I was going to take today.

All went well and I was back at the hostel eating my breakfast around 9:30am. I did one final check around the hostel to see if Rosy was up (so I could say goodbye again) but alas, she wasn't, and then I left, with a little bit of food, (took me' chunks with me!) and headed out for the 10:45 to Vancouver City.

Apart from the enormous queue to get my ticket (why, oh why, when the queue is going out the door don't shops and service providers open all desks ... we had one bloke to serve all of us. Maybe companies think people like lining up in an endless queue for years on end, I don't know) all went well. Boarding the bus I took two seasick tables and got ready for the ferry.

Now these seasick tables don't say on them 'none drowsy' and I'm glad as I would have sued the company under the trade descriptions act ... I almost fell asleep on the coach (and the ferry) after taking these tablets ... they seem to be a little strong however, if I end up in another hostel with someone who snores, I think I've found a cure.

Once docked on mainland Canada, it didn't take long before we got to the bus station in Vancouver. It's funny to think I was last here over a month ago, but I still remember where to go to get into town and find the HI hostel (which seems to be on fire, it's so hot in here!).

I got in the hostel, locked my bags up and went for a long and beautiful shower. After this I just wandered around the same streets I had been to a month ago (I saw the swinging pendulum in the HSBC bank and I also thought about topping up my 'ying' and 'yang' ... but decided against it).

Tomorrow I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do; I will probably leave around 4pm for the 8:35pm flight back to blighty, so during the day I may just write a sum up of my trip on here ... don't really fancy going out just because of the sake of it, or else I'll end up spending money. Oh talking of money, my final average daily budget check has gone up again to £64.06 ... nearly £15.00 per day over my predicted amount.


Toodle Pip!

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