Sunday, 6 June 2010

Can someone please tell me where the last month has gone!

MP3 track of the day - Tied to the 90's - Travis

Weather: a warm and clear sunny day

Waking up allot earlier than I was planning too, I decided to get the 8:00am bus to Banff, arriving at 8:45am. Once arrived I met the girl I had first met in Jasper (the one who helped me with my shopping). She was heading to Lake Louise but it seems like we could be catching the same bus to Vancouver in two days time.

I arrived at my hostel at 9:00am ... too early to check in. So I decided to wait with my bags and do some internet stuff:
  • Update my blog
  • Upload all my photos to Flickr
  • read about Banff
  • read about Vancouver and booked a hostel there

This lot took 7 hours (4:00pm) in which time I met Rosie, who had cycled here. Once completed I got my key to my dorm and headed there. I opened the door to be greeted by empty beer cans, clothes, open suitcases all over the place. The mess was so bad that all beds seemed occupied; so I headed back to the reception to explain the problem. Whilst she was fixing the problem I headed into town; I was pretty hungry (as I hadn't had anything to eat all day) and I need to get some cash as I was meeting Rosie (and a guy called Ray) for tea. On my way back I went to Safeway and found chocolate on offer ... fantastic, so I purchased two twix's and ate one.

I'm not that impressed with the town of Banff; coming from Jasper the town seems way to touristy and artificial, so far I much prefer Jasper.

Once back I met Rosie and we went for a $6.00 Sunday Roast meal at a local restaurant (actually Rosie is a vegetarian so she had a veggie thing ... with lots of vegetables in). It only cost me $9.00 for tea and, as I had a free drink voucher for tomorrow, I decided I would go back for tea tomorrow.

After the meal Ray went back to the hostel to watch the Ice Hockey whereas me and Rosie went to Safeway to find ... 'cake'. I've never laughed so much in a supermarket; the Canadians can't do cake. Seriously we saw some white fluffy things which, when we read the ingredients, it said "...water and mix...". We also found cakes with no sugar and cakes that were lighter than air.

After being disappointed we went back to the hostel and Rosie went to meet Ray in the TV room and I went to sort out my bed. Speaking to the lady on reception she said that it would be easier if I moved rooms as a girl had shifted dorms without telling anyone. When I went back to my original dorm, to collect my stuff, all became clear; within there were 4 girls and the mess from Cologne came flooding back. I took my stuff and moved to a 'less cluttered dorm' where I met a guy from Montreal who seems nice.

I'm now in the TV room, just chilling. There seems to be lots of young people here, drink beer, playing football and generally getting in the way. I should be able to cope but anyone would think I was in a hostel. Tomorrow a major hike

Toodle Pip!

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