Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm still alive!

MP3 track of the day: Band of Brothers suite 2

Berlin ... made it!
If you can't believe it neither can I:

  • Walk from the hostel to the train station
  • Brussels to Kolin
  • Kolin to Berlin Central station (which is unbelievable ... it's amazing)
  • Central station on the underground to the first stop
  • Underground first stop switch and onto another train for 4 stops

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. In the morning I had breakfast ... for the last time! And set to find a post office. I sent off an envelope home and a postcard.

After I'd been thrown out of my hostel I found my train and boarded. What do you do in seven hours of travelling? Well I listened to classical music, read my guide book and 'War Stories book' (thanks dad) and did allot of thinking ... is this travelling lark for me? A question I still found hard to answer.

When I got to Berlin (and got off the correct tub stop) I looked at the surrounding area trying to locate my hostel (not noticing the massive blue sign behind me). Once I arrived I thought ... oh my god. To greet me I saw a pub all in blue lights and hundreds of children (yes children not young adults) ... however it got better as I went in and I saw people of all nationalities and ages (though anybody below 20 was certainly in the majority).

I then went to my 8 bed dorm and was very pleasantly surprised. It is fantastically clean with lockers that ... kind of work, and a fake wooden floor. In there I met a South Korean chap called something ... but he said I could call him Nick (hello Nick!). I also met Jessy ... shes from Oz and has been travelling for around 4 months. She's just been to London and left her friend there as her friend ran out of Euros (so she has to find work). She told me that there was a free tour of Berlin tomorrow so I thought it would be a good idea to hop onto that.

Well that's it from me ... I only have 2 hours max of time so I need to be quick.

Speak to you (hopefully) tomorrow

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