Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The most Amazing things!

1) Taking a Turkish Bath in Budapest
2) Walking up the Reichstag
3) Walking through the gardens of the Schonbrunn Imperial Palace
4) Seeing the 'book burning' monument in Berlin
5) Walking through the Holocaust monument in Berlin
6) Climbing Gellert Hill in Buda
7) Seeing the Hofburg at night
8) Viewing the city of Toronto from the CN Tower
9) Spending the day walking along the beaches on the Islands of Toronto
10) Getting wet through at Niagara Falls
11) Spending a day exploring the Canadian Military museum in Ottawa
12) Spending a day walking around the old city of Quebec
13) Reading a book on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City
14) Walking along the Harbour in Halifax
15) Taking a coach / train accross Saskatchewan
16) Getting lost on the +C15 walkway in Calgary
17) Hiking through the Alberta National Parks
18) Going on the Skytram in Jasper
19) Taking a Tour along the Icefiled Parkway
20) Walking on the Columbus Icefield glacier
21) Hiking up to Lake Agnes whilst it's still frozen
22) Sitting on a bench over looking Lake Louise
23) Sighting your first black bear
24) Going up the Harbour Tower, in Vancouver, at night
25) Going to see a baseball game in America
26) Taking a bus ride through the Denali Park
27) Listening the glaciers crack and watching ice break and fall into the water from a boat trip through the Kenai Fjords
28) Seeing whales in the wild within the Kenai Fjords
29) Staying at a wilderness lodge near Homer and watching the sunset
30) Taking a ferry down the inlet waters from Juneau to Prince Rupert and sleeping outside on the top deck.
31) Watching the sun go down on Tofino Beach
32) Taking the Pacific Rim walk in Ucluelet
33) Walking around downtown Victoria during the day
34) Swimming in a fresh water lake on Vancouver Island
35) Having a caribou follow your bus
36) Watching otter playing around
37) Watching an American bald eagle having a picnic
38) Spotting a moose with its young
39) The arctic ground squirrel
40) Spotting a grizzly in the bushes

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